Creating a culture
for distributed work

Increase your team's happiness and lower attrition as a global company—one step at a time. Today, you'll learn cutting-edge best practices for enhancing distributed communication and collaboration.

Course overview

Cost: Free  |  Duration: 3-5 hours  |  Format: Online self paced course

In this course, we explore key components of building distributed culture, from securing employee engagement remotely to prioritizing health and well-being. People Ops leaders who want to upskill their organizations will come away with cutting-edge strategies for enhancing distributed communication and engagement.

Chapter 1: Welcome
Chapter 2: Employee engagement in distributed teams
Chapter 3: Cultivating a healthy work-life balance
Chapter 4: Improving internal communications
Chapter 5: Planning for the challenges ahead

What will you learn?

Our Oyster instructors are here to equip you with strategies for improving employee engagement, work-life balance, and distributed communication—all of which impact the employee lifecycle and mitigate attrition.

Complete this course to earn your Creating a Culture for Distributed Work certificate.

Who is this course for?

People Ops/HR managers

Support your remote and distributed teams to be higher performing.

Company leaders

Develop your leadership strategy to optimize distributed and remote working practices.

Meet your instructors

Rhys Black

Head of Workplace Design, Oyster

Rhys will be sharing his insight and expertise on how to be a successful employee in a distributed company. Rhys is focused on building the framework that allows Oyster to operate and scale as a distributed organization.

Miriam Mourad

Course Coordinator, Oyster Academy

Miriam has a background in Psychology and Neuroscience and started her career in Learning and Development for startups.

Tiffany Turner

Learning Designer, Oyster Academy

Tiffany brings a unique focus on foundational career skills like building relationships, establishing trust, and communication. Before Oyster, Tiffany held a private practice as a life and career coach, and worked in Human Resources at a variety of technology startups.