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Got your eyes on the world’s best talent? Looking for a fast and compliant international employment provider to bring them aboard? Then you’ve gotta see Oyster’s global employment platform.


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More than just a global hiring platform

Yes, our automated global hiring is pretty bragworthy—it can make the process up to four times faster than other manual solutions. But our work doesn’t stop after the contract is signed. Read on for our full solution.

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Find the right package to help you hire, pay, and care for Team Members around the world.

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Starts at $29 per contractor/month

An all-in-one solution to generate contracts, set up global payments, and manage contractors.

  • Hire contractors in 180+ countries

  • Draft, edit, and sign compliant contracts in minutes

  • Process invoices and pay contractors in 120+ currencies


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Starts at $499 per employee/month billed annually


A global employer of record and employee management solution to compliantly hire, onboard, pay, and care for full-time talent

  • Hire full-timers in 130+ countries with compliance and liability coverage

  • Reduce time-to-hire with automations and insights

  • Set up global payroll, manage expenses, allowances, and bonuses in 130+ countries

  • Offer attractive local and global benefit packages

  • Reduce risk with unmatched IP protection


Custom pricing

A seat-based, discounted annual package to hire and grow your global team efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Purchase seats to hire 5+ global Team Members at a locked, reduced rate

  • Reuse empty seats for backfills or new hires

  • Receive dedicated guidance and support to navigate global employment

  • Unlock faster time-to-hire through bulk hiring


What is a global employment platform (GEP)?

A GEP, like Oyster, uses technology to solve the legal, administrative, and logistical challenges of cross-border hiring. Typically, to hire an overseas employee, you’d need to set up a legal entity in that country and hire lawyers and accountants to navigate the local tax, payroll, and employment regulations. As you can imagine, this is a time-consuming and expensive process—in addition to being fraught with risk. By partnering with a GEP, companies can avoid the compliance headaches and reduce the risks of having a global team.

What’s the difference between a GEP and a PEO?

A PEO, or professional employment organization, acts as a co-employer for your global talent. It can help you administer payroll and benefits compliantly—but they don't take on full responsibility as the employer.

Working with a GEP, or global employment platform, provides more protection and security. It assists in employing your global talent, from compliant hiring to paying and providing benefits. By taking care of your team throughout the entire employee lifecycle, you can also expect more seamless experiences.

What are some benefits of using a GEP?

Instead of setting up your own entities, you can hire through a GEP’s legal entities and vetted partners. You also access legal teams with country-specific knowledge and expertise. This ensures that things like contracts, payroll, taxes, and benefits are compliant with local or regional laws and regulations. GEPs save you from unnecessary hassle and expenses so you can focus on finding the best talent and providing the best employee experiences to your team.

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countries expanded into using Oyster

“We trust with Oyster that we did do it right because we enlisted their help to help us do these things perfectly. So from a leader perspective, I can sleep easy at night knowing that we're not breaking some law that I didn't even know existed.”

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Tyler Parson

VP of People,
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€2000 - €3000

saves per employee, per year in legal costs

“Without a solution like Oyster, it’s not even worth the hassle. You just end up deciding, ‘We’re not going to hire there.’ It basically restricts you from getting access to talent. Oyster takes that all away. That’s what makes Oyster great.”

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David Dawoud

Head of People, Demodesk

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countries expanded into using Oyster

“The service is seamless, the communication is very good, and there’s definitely a lot of time and cost saved. The cost of using Oyster is less than what it would cost for us to deliver the same service using external consultants.”

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Alex Nicolaus

Chief People Officer, Paysend

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