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Available in 180+ countries

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Trusted by 1,400+ customers

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Liability coverage up to 1 million USD

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A few of our benefits

  • Automated and compliant global hiring process
  • Global payroll in 120+ currencies
  • Competitive local and global benefits
  • Free self-serve global employment tools
  • Exceptional Team Member experiences anywhere

Your all-in-one global hiring solution

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Create the team you’ve always wanted—without worrying about compliance or finding payroll and benefits providers. We’re here to handle the logistics for you.

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Leave the rest to our team

The Oyster team (yes, humans!) will review your drafted agreement, send it to you for approval, collect signatures, and handle employee onboarding.

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What will your story be?

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countries expanded into using Oyster

“We trust with Oyster that we did do it right because we enlisted their help to help us do these things perfectly. So from a leader perspective, I can sleep easy at night knowing that we're not breaking some law that I didn't even know existed.”

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Tyler Parson

VP of People,
Chili Piper

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€2000 - €3000

saves per employee, per year in legal costs

“Without a solution like Oyster, it’s not even worth the hassle. You just end up deciding, ‘We’re not going to hire there.’ It basically restricts you from getting access to talent. Oyster takes that all away. That’s what makes Oyster great.”

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David Dawoud

Head of People, Demodesk

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countries expanded into using Oyster

“The service is seamless, the communication is very good, and there’s definitely a lot of time and cost saved. The cost of using Oyster is less than what it would cost for us to deliver the same service using external consultants.”

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Alex Nicolaus

Chief People Officer, Paysend

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What is a global contractor?

Contractors can provide critical expertise and experience to any business, and global contractors can be located anywhere in the world. Technically, they’re not employees and may work on a project or on a fixed-term basis. Global contractors allow businesses the flexibility to fill skills gaps or hire for short-term priorities. In most cases, global contractors are not eligible for employee benefits. It is important to be mindful of misclassification risks when working with global contractors. Try out Oyster’s Employee Misclassification Analyzer for country-specific information to inform your worker classification decision.

How do you pay contractors internationally?

There are a variety of ways to pay contractors internationally. A contractor may have a preferred payment platform or service that a company can pay them through. However, with Oyster, companies can work with local payroll specialists to ensure smooth and on-time payments for contractors located anywhere.

How much does it cost to work with a contractor?

The cost of signing up contractors through Oyster’s global employment platform is $29 USD/month per contractor.

Is the Oyster platform free?

It’s totally free to create an account, explore the platform, and access its global HR tools and resources! The Oyster fee will only kick in once you’ve engaged a contractor or Team Member.

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