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Oyster’s Global Employment Report

There’s never been a better time to hire global talent. Today, global employment is finally fast, easy, and viable enough for growing companies to seize the advantage. Download our report to learn how your team can thrive by going global.

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In this report you’ll learn:

  • How global employment is getting easier, faster, and more viable

  • Why global hiring makes for a more human-centric workplace

  • What it’s really like to build a globally distributed team

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Global employment is not new.
But it’s finally fast, easy, and viable.

With more companies adopting remote and distributed work, hiring managers are no longer limited to their local talent pool. Global employment has made it possible to find the best talent anywhere in the world. So why aren’t more companies taking the leap?

In this report, we explore the opportunities of global employment in 2022, and reveal data and insights about the speed, ease, viability, and human-centricity of hiring across borders.

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Standout findings:

  • The average number of FTE hires through Oyster per customer is 5.1; the average number of contractors is 3.2

  • The average amount of funding raised by Oyster customers is $43,670,359

  • The average Oyster customer hires in 3.7 countries

  • In the software industry, it’s 23% faster to recruit overseas than to source local candidates

  • The average Oyster customer grows 14.81% in a year

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Build your dream global team

Download your copy of the Global Employment Report to learn how global hiring can benefit your growing team.

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This is an image the Global Employment Report ebook