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The Future of HR

Distributed work is here to stay. Are you prepared for this new reality? In a new report with 451 Research, hear from HR leaders across the globe and understand how the HR function is changing to support the evolving needs of a distributed workforce, and what you need to do to keep up.
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In this report, you’ll discover

  • How attitudes of employers have changed toward remote work in a one-year timeframe

  • Why HR leaders have a bigger seat at the table

  • The top compliance challenges you need to be aware of

  • The No. 1 priority of HR leaders today (hint: hiring freezes are over!)

  • How benefits, training, payroll, and recruitment will be impacted

The future is distributed.
Are you ready?

The pandemic fast-tracked the shift to remote, hybrid, and distributed models of work. HR leaders planning for the future are bound to have questions. This report will help you answer them.