Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Parental Leave Strategies that Work

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Comprehensive & Cost-Effective Parental Leave Strategies that Work

Catch this discussion, hosted by Sequoia Consulting Group, about the balancing act of creating paid parental leave strategies - ones that meet the needs of your employees and the business in today's economic climate. Oyster's Principal People Partner, Kim Rohrer, joins the conversation and shares insights on how Oyster built a people-centric parental leave policy strategy for a workforce that spans more than 70 countries. Access the presentation slides here.

Only have a few minutes to spare? Check out Kaleana's recap and key takeaways from the conversation here.


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Employee well-being


Kim Rohrer
Principal People Partner at Oyster
Kaleana Quibell
VP of Wellbeing & Partnerships at Sequoia Consulting Group
Leslie Forde
CEO & Founder of Mom's Hierarchy of Needs, LLC

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