Opportunity everywhere

Where you are shouldn’t govern what you do. We’re changing the way the world works—one brilliant remote hire at a time.

Work anywhere

That’s the dream. With Oyster, we’re making it easier and more affordable for companies to hire people in whichever country they happen to live in. It means talented people can get a dream job without dropping everything, and companies can get a dream hire without limiting themselves to their neighborhood.

The future is distributed

Oyster opens up a whole new world of remote teams and distributed opportunities, where companies can hire brilliant people, wherever they are in the world. It’s better for business. Better for people. And better for the planet.

Meet the team

We’re a fully distributed company, of course. And we’re building a team of brilliant people around the world. Want to join in? See what makes us tick and explore open roles over on our careers page.
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Our investors

“At the Slack Fund, we’re focused on investing in the next wave of software companies building the future of work. Oyster is addressing the challenges that come with employing a globally distributed team, enabling companies to expand their potential talent pool and hire based on what matters most to them. The ability to hire from anywhere is necessary to embrace a remote-first future,”
Jason Spinell
Director, Slack Fund
“We invest in people who change the way the world works. We’ve been leading the way in enabling the future of work by investing in leading SaaS companies. We believe that software can change the world and be used for good, and so does Oyster. Watch this space: we expect great things from Oyster.”
Jason Green
Founder, Emergence Capital

Our impact is positive

See how we’re creating positive social impact: opening up new opportunities for people and companies around the world. Download our Social Impact Thesis to dig into the detail.

Our goals


operating in 90% of developing countries

1 Million

employees globally by 2026

20,000 kg

of carbon offset by 2026

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