The Oyster Platform

Making it easy for people-centric companies to take care of a globally-distributed team

How it works

With Oyster, you get everything you need to employ a global remote team, whether you’re hiring from one country or forty.

Redesign of International Employment

You don't want to re-invent the wheel each time you hire in a new country. Our smart global policies bring a consistent employment experience to all your hires, and make it easy for growing companies to say ‘yes’ in new countries with confidence.

Global Complexity Simplified

Each country has its own unique employment rules and regulations. The Oyster Platform fully automates locally compliant employment in multiple countries, so your team can focus on your people, and not on how to hire and pay them.

Equitable and Fair for All Sides

We designed employment on Oyster with fairness for all parties in mind and with transparency, so everyone knows where they stand, on sunny days and rainy days. Our global policies help you ensure all your people feel equal and fairly treated.

Delightful and Intuitive Experience

What good is building an innovative “backend” for international employment without also providing a great user experience? Designed to delight both your people team and your employees, Oyster provides an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy to track and manage onboarding, paystubs, benefits, and more.

And that’s just the beginning…

Oyster provides the tools you need to manage international employment as your globally-distributed team grows.

Self-Serve Onboarding

New hires can easily set themselves up on the platform in minutes.

Global Data Governance

Data architecture designed for compliance with GDPR and others.

Local HR Concierge

Country experts ready to help when you or your team members need it.

Document Management

Oyster handles all the signatures, and keeps documents handy and organized.

International Payroll

Automated payroll in multiple currencies, with compliance and reliability.

Country Knowledge Base

The information and insights you need to employ confidently in any country.

IP & Invention Protection

The intellectual property protections your business requires, at global scale.

Salary Calculator

Transparent preview of where your salary dollar goes in taxes and fees, in any country.

See Oyster in action

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