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TaxScouts works with accredited accountants to sort and file tax returns, completely hassle-free. Every year, 200 million Europeans go through the pain of personal tax preparation. If an online bank account can be opened in less than three minutes, why can’t doing your taxes be as seamless?

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🤝 Together we’re transforming the future of work

TaxScouts makes contracting fast and simple by helping contractors complete their tax return hassle free in as little as 48 hours. Oyster lets businesses hire compliantly anywhere with contractor management tools to streamline paperwork, onboarding, and payments. Together, we’ll power up your contracting capabilities.

✅️ Key features

  • Tax Returns: Doing your self assessment doesn’t need to be painful. Tax Scouts make it simple, fast, and all done online. Sorted by an accredited accountant.
  • Tax Advice: Got a tax-based problem? Get simple, one-off tax advice from an accredited accountant. 1-1 consultation by phone or video call.
  • Self-Employed Taxes: Want to work as a freelancer in Spain? We take care of all the paperwork involved: from tax registration to quarterly and yearly taxes. Plus, invoicing and accounting software at your disposal.

📦️ Exclusive discount

Offer for Spain:

  • 20% discount on the Self-Employed Pack service for the first 6 months. 20% discount if you have to do the tax return (1 per year).

Offer for UK:

  • 10% discount

To claim, complete the form below or contact your chosen country team – then mention you are an Oyster customer.

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