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No need to spend months setting up a business entity every time you find a great international candidate. With Oyster, you can bring them aboard in days. As an all-in-one global employment platform, we’ll also help you pay and care for your remote team. No matter where they are, they’ll feel right at home. Start building your global team today.

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Oyster equips you with the right tools and local expertise to compliantly hire, pay, and retain the best talent in over 180 countries.

The opportunities are truly endless for your hybrid or fully distributed business.

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“Even if you know nothing at all about remote work, about local laws in different countries, or about how it would actually work in your company, I would say just give Oyster a call, get a demo, get someone to talk to, and then you’ll learn it. And in parallel, you’ll be supported by the best in the field.”

Liz Brisker
Senior People Ops Generalist at Latana


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