JUNE 7-8 2023 from 10AM-3PM ET

Pando Horizons 2023, in Partnership with Oyster

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Pando Horizons 2023, in Partnership with Oyster



Pando is hosting their second annual Horizons event! Pando Horizons is an annual virtual summit for People Leaders. During this event, we’ll explore the keys to unlocking and optimizing employee impact, how HR leaders can influence executive leadership and drive business strategies, and practical ways to successfully be an agent for change.

Hear from over 20 speakers:

Tony Jamous, CEO & Co-founder at Oyster, Annie Trombatore, Chief People Officer at Vox Media, Mirissa Pesapane, Global HRBP at Notion, and Lisa Gelobter, Founder & CEO at tEQuitable, Angela Cheng-Cimini, CHRO at Harvard Business Review, Tanaz Mody, Talent Partner at Lerer Hippeau, Niriksha Kannan, Director of People and Social Impact at LeafLink, Mark Frein, Chief Workplace Officer at Oyster, and more...

On a variety of topics, including:

  • Modernizing how to measure employee performance and impact
  • Trust-building strategies for influencing executive leadership teams
  • Generative AI and building smarter tools for people organizations

Your host, Barbra Gago, Founder & CEO of Pando, will lead discussions, presentations and workshops with these leaders and more to help you gain new insights and get the tools, advice, and plans you need to drive impact in 2023 and beyond. Sign up for free to join us on June 7th and 8th!


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