We are Oyster

Our mission is ingrained in everything we do.

We envision a world in which every talented person can have a fulfilling career—no matter where in the world they live.

Right now, most of the world’s talent can only consider the jobs in their local area—and unless you live in a handful of wealthy cities, those jobs are not great.

Oyster expands those opportunities, by bridging the gap between talented people and growing companies around the world that would love to hire them... read Our Mission

Our Corporate Charter commits Oyster® to creating a material positive impact on society and on the environment. We are proudly working towards our BCorporation certification.

Social  Impact Thesis

How our work leads to positive impact for people, businesses, communities, and the environment.

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Distributed by Design

Oyster is proudly a 100% distributed company, with a growing number of continents already represented among our diverse team.

We embrace being a remote-first organization because we want to open our doors to any talented, like-minded individuals who wish to join our team, wherever they might happen to live in the world.

We're also inspired by the opportunity to combine high-performance as a team with great work/life balance... read Why Oyster is a Distributed Company

See how easy international employment can be