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A platform
for everything

The Oyster platform makes it easy to be ridiculously organised. It’s the one place for all documents, onboarding info, benefits, payroll, compliance - the lot. And more.

Designed for hassle-free global HR


international hires

Oyster takes the pain and expense out of hiring internationally. So you can hire whoever you like, wherever you like - in record time.

Flawless perks

Your people are all over the globe, but their perks shouldn’t be all over the place. Make benefits consistent, from time off to healthcare - and manage everything in one place on the Oyster platform.

Seamless workflows

Manage everything in one place - from signing contracts to logging expenses - with a single platform designed to spread bliss through your legal and accounts teams.

Effortless payroll

You can ditch that massive spreadsheet and forget about the tricky nuances of local taxes. Oyster calculates your payroll and automates payments for everyone, wherever they are in the world.

Look beyond your backyard

Finding the right people is hard. Finding the right people who live near you is even harder. With Oyster, you can take location out of the mix - and hire full-time employees wherever they’re based.

Work fast.
Scale faster

Oyster helps you build a remote team in double-quick time. Get set up to hire in a new country in days, not weeks. Automate things like payroll and benefits. Spend less time on paperwork and processes, and more time transforming the world.

One platform. Zero headache.

The Oyster platform does everything you need to employ people full time in any country. Consistent contracts. Rock-solid compliance. Automated processes. And zero late-night Googling of international employment law.
you’re a small but mighty team, exploring cross-border talent


you found your all-star abroad, it’s time to welcome them to the team




per employee/month
Flat Monthly Fee Depends On The Country You Hire In.
Extra HR And Legal Support For Growing Teams With Special Circumstances


Transparent pricing

Pay monthly per person, and scale up when you need to. Get a quick breakdown with our calculator tool to compare costs by country.

Global cost calculator

See how far your salary budget goes with our cost calculator. Plug in the country, salary, and currency - and we’ll show you the breakdown in taxes and fees. Smart.
"Because of Oyster, we were able to continue growing our distributed team and building our company, even as the world was shutting down from the pandemic."
Gabriel LeRoux
Cofounder, Primer
"Oyster's one-stop solution has enabled us to tap into the global talent pool quickly and easily."
Paul McGuire
CEO, tru.ID
"Prior to using Oyster, employing anyone outside the UK was a nightmare for us... now it's super fast and painless."
Tilly Firth
Head of People & Talent at Impala

What if everyone had the best job in the world?

Imagine a world where talent never went to waste. That’s what we’re working to create - making it easier than ever for growing companies to hire brilliant people anywhere in the world.

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